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 What are your ESSENTIAL bags???

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What are your ESSENTIAL bags???  Empty
PostSubject: What are your ESSENTIAL bags???    What are your ESSENTIAL bags???  Icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2011 1:46 pm

Hi Everyone,

Not much to do this rainy Sunday... so I thought I'd post on the forum! Very Happy Let's get this forum busy, busy, busy!!! Very Happy

I don't have a big collection like most of the people on this forum. Wanted to share this great guide for those building or trimming their collection. I've read somewhere that every woman should have these bag essentials:

1. Work / Office - stylish, structured but all business
2. Oversize Tote
3. Weekend Bag - shoulder/handheld/crossbody for use on weekends day to nite; can transition from casual to dressy
4. Clutch - works for day and/or night
5. Travel Purse - to haul personal stuff when travelling; different from travel carry-on
6. Carry-on/Weekender - to haul at essentials and at least 1-2 change of clothes for short trips
7. Beach Bag/Tote
8. Wildcard - anything!!!

Would be interesting to see what brand & style/type of bags you may have or you may consider for the above categories? You can have 2 or 3 bags per category. Looking forward to seeing all the answers of the bag lovers.

I'll put up my list too soon as I finish thinking about it! Very Happy Also, if you can include photos or links, even better. Very Happy

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What are your ESSENTIAL bags???  Empty
PostSubject: Re: What are your ESSENTIAL bags???    What are your ESSENTIAL bags???  Icon_minitimeThu Nov 24, 2011 9:34 am

hiyee girls Smile.

i've been loving my LV Damier Graphite Mick MM... it may be manly but really practical and sturdy for an everyday work bag =). it's a messenger style that I truly find useful - what with all my files and notebooks that I need to bring along me at all times. I love you
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What are your ESSENTIAL bags???
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