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 Switzerland beckons tourists

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Switzerland beckons tourists Empty
PostSubject: Switzerland beckons tourists   Switzerland beckons tourists Icon_minitimeSun Nov 27, 2011 2:15 am

Much has been said about kerala ayurveda tourism , Kerala eco tourism and the enchanting beauty of God’s Own Country.Now, take a look at the international tourism scenario. Do you know which country has topped the Travel and Tourism Competitive Index released by the World Economic Forum recently? It is none other than Switzerland.

A lot of factors helped Switzerland attain this status. Though a small country compared to India, it houses many magnificent sceneries and World Heritage centres. The sites like Verkehrshaus at Lucerne and Castle of Chillon at Veytaux attract millions of people a year.

The country is also rich with natural resources. The authorities have taken efforts to preserve its natural resources and a huge portion of the country’s land area is declared as protected area. The pristine beauty of nature is preserved intact in these areas and the magnificence of the place lures visitors. Switzerland has a glory of being a major business travel hub and the country manages to maintain that image by hosting many international expos. The thriving of the tourism industry also owes a lot to the authorities’ initiatives to ensure an excellent transport infrastructure within the country. The hotel and banking facilities here are unparalleled. The nations which aim to become a major tourist destination can follow the measures taken by the Swiss Government in the hospitality industry.
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Switzerland beckons tourists
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