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Thoughts to Ponder (FOR SOMEONE WHO BADLY NEEDS IT) Empty
PostSubject: Thoughts to Ponder (FOR SOMEONE WHO BADLY NEEDS IT)   Thoughts to Ponder (FOR SOMEONE WHO BADLY NEEDS IT) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 31, 2011 12:44 pm

Shocked Yes, my dear friend, i mean you! Because I care about you here are some things I thought would help as you think deeply about the situation you've got yourself into! Crying or Very sad

bom Facebook, Friendster, Multiply and Myspace are good sites to meet old and new friends. Ah, the power of the World Wide Web and Technology. You can be updated with the things you missed out with your old friends from high school and college. You can even check out new friends and share their interests. But beware! These social networking sites has its pitfalls too! You can create a bogus account just as easily as you can lie to someone about your age and looks in Yahoo Messenger! What's more?! Even if they are not bogus accounts, but believe it or not, these social networking sites also serve as players' playgrounds Evil or Very Mad

affraid What do I mean by that? These players search for cuties that caught their eyes and want to pursue them in the future. For what, you say? For different kinds of reasons. SEX, MONEY, SWINDLING, you name it, they can do it. Nothing is impossible with the power of technology today. Social networking sites are just upgraded versions of phonepals, textmates, sexmates, chatmates, etc. So be wary of "cute guys" who are suddenly interested in you! they are just bored and are looking for some playmates! But like a child, once they got what they wanted and got tired playing with it, they would immediately drop you like a hot potato. As what the the saying goes " why buy an expensive cow when you can get milk for free?" Do I still have to translate it for you? (Sorry folks, she's really dense so forgive me for putting it bluntly) study

Honey, if you've met your latest BF through these sites, stop and think! How many days have you known each other? Are you really sure that he loves you? Or is he just IN LUST with you? What?! You've only known him for a week? And now he's asking you to TRUST HIM? Oh, horrors! Where are my smelling salts?! You are adding grey hairs on my crowning glory!What if your so-called 1-week BF turned out to be a serial rapist? or an obsessive stalker? or a leecher? Just because he looks cute in a crisp polo shirt, doesn't mean his personality is as white as him being mestizo!! HELLO?! WAKE UP!! Are you aware of serious issues surrounding you?! Date rape, sexual harrassment and stalking? So many people are throwing away their lives after going through these traumas and YOU! You are taking these things in a casual stride! What an insult! Hannibal Lectern is an impeccable doctor who eats humans! Evil comes in all sizes and shapes, and yes! Evil may also come in beautiful forms! A great way to camouflage their dark intentions. Wake Up, sister!

Love yourself more. Don't be so desperate and jealous of other people who have their own BFs and GFs. You are acting like a spoiled child! You are impatient to find the one for you, you end up trapped under the webs of CREEPY LOSERS!!! Its ok to find bad apples in a basket of fruits before finding the perfect, shiny red one. But please use your head wisely. The bad apples are there to help you realize your mistakes to make you learn your lesson. So that when you finally find the perfect one, you'll know how to cherish it. BUT, if imperfections are already in front of you, why would you still insist on tasting the apple? You already know that you'll get stomachache after eating it. You are creating more problems for yourself instead if trying to improve yourself more when the right guy comes. What if you are too sick from tasting that bad apple and the right apple is already there for you? You'll miss your chance for true happiness if you keep insisting your childish ways.

I hope these three things would help you. No. I'm not telling you what to do. You can still decide for yourself. I'm just trying to put some sense in your head. Its never too late to correct your mistakes. Smile affraid
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