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PostSubject: BASIC RULES FOR YOUR COMPLIANCE : )   Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:03 pm

Welcome to Purse Podium’s purse forum, where passionate purse lovers out there can mingle and share all there is to know about purses! I took the initiative of creating this forum to establish a fun-loving community in the Philippines, but reaching out also to the rest of the global community.
As with all other forums in the cyber world , we want to make sure you also follow a set of rules to maintain a clean, happy and wholesome environment within this community.

1. Text speak and the use of alternating sticky caps are not allowed. We want to be best understood here.

2. Let us consistently use the English language. Remember, we have foreign members who are interested to be part of our conversations.

3. Please post replies of relation to the topics being discussed. Be informative and friendly with words.

4. No thread bumping just to be noticed. It shall be considered spam.

5. No name-calling or provoking debates that shall be destructive and result to heated arguments and offensive language. Express yourself freely but with grace ; and keep in mind that each one of us are unique.

6. Do not advertise your products in this forum. This is not a marketplace type of community. Please do this in private. We are not responsible for any transactions you encounter with a seller on board. Whatever the results, it is everyone’s personal responsibility. We do not guarantee sellers as well. We can only share direct designer websites that are popularly known (e.g. Balenciaga.com, Louisvuitton.com etc). This site is created by the Purse Podium’s owner; and therefore, only transactions with her are considered our responsibility.

7. Sharing websites must be done with utmost care. It is your sole responsibility that you are giving a website link free from any malicious content and viruses.

If any one of the above rules is being violated, moderators have the authority to report to the Admin and decide if one shall be suspended. You shall be given a chance by only three warnings.

Please enjoy your stay!

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